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Runner Feedback 2013

Thanks for all your feedback—including the constructive criticisms which are very helpful to us for improving future editions. We make most changes based directly on your feedback!

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You guys did an amazing job. The logistics were really well thought out and executed. Even though this was my first organized race I had no difficulty knowing where to go. Thanks to all the volunteers who put their heart and soul into making the Fools Run a great success. I will be back next year!

— Reece Taylor, Sechelt

This year was my first trip from the Fraser Valley to run the BMO April Fools run from Gibsons and it was a wonderful experience. Well organized bus transportation was great and timely, food at finish was fantastic and gear pickup was a breeze too; a big well done to all your volunteers. I will be back next year and try and convince more of my Fraser Valley Runs to give your race a try.

— Greg Giles, Mission

Thank-you, so very much for taking the time to organize such a Fantastic Event. This year's April Fools Run, was my first time at this event... But, certainly Not my last. Great Challenging and Rewarding Course... Much Appreciated !!!

— Richard Maclachlan, Surrey

A very well orchestrated event. Thanks to all organizers and volunteers for a great race.

— Lauren, Kingston, ON

Hats off to you/Larry for an awesome time—only a "Fool" wouldn't have run that race :) Well done. Thanks so much for all your hard work and leadership.

— Sabrina Wong, Vancouver

Nice to see even more early starters, awesome option to allow slower participants to play with some very fast people. The verge paving on the lower road was a nice surprise. Hope one day it will follow the entire course allowing more room to get out of the way of faster runners without using the road.

— Kristie Congram, Vancouver

Thanks for another great race. I didn't realize I had won a prize, but I'm happy for you to recycle it for another year. Also — I spied the volunteer jackets. Those are great! As there is so much crap swag around, those were nicely chosen and branded jackets.

— Laura Cullen, North Vancouver

Thanks for organizing a really well put together event. Although I did not get the time I was looking for, and was a little grumpy at the finish, it was a very well organized race. I can appreciate that putting on a race of that magnitude and scope with the ferries and buses and the point to point nature of it takes something. The volunteers were fantastic and the marshals were rock solid. It was very well run event.
Thanks for putting on a great race. Because of scheduling this is the first year I have had the opportunity of running it. Glad I was able to make it over and experience the hospitality of the Sunshine coast.

— Dave Stephens, North Vancouver

I just wanted to thank you for another incredible Fool's Run this year, and for the complimentary entry. Unfortunately, the odds were not in my favour by any stretch of the imagination today so I certainly was no help to the fast/elite field — I apologize for that! But it was another great day to run, and got the miles in for me regardless.

— Kimberley Doerksen, Gibsons

My third in a row and I had a fabulous time as always (well, except from maybe between km 14-17 :) I appreciated that I didn't have to remember change for the bus this year. Race coordinators and volunteers were outstanding. Kudos to you all. I will continue to promote your amazing event. Thanks!

— Brandy Hughes, North Vancouver

Not sure why you don't have a chip reader at the starting line as most races do. That would be of value. Also, you don't hold the clinics any more. I would have greatly benefited from the training clinic. Why did you take them away? You never advertise them, if you did, you would have way more interest. Please bring them back!!! Also, if you do bring them back, why not start the running portion of the clinic at 9:30am and do your presentations at 9am. This way if someone wants to miss the presentations they can.

— No name given

Organizers' comments: There were a number of reasons we didn't do the clinic this year. We'll ask around if someone would be interested in hosting a clinic for next year!

Awesome race! Excellent organization, great food at the finish line, the kid's run is fantastic.

— Stephen Barker, Vancouver

Great race. Well put on. Great Volunteers. Will be back next year.

— Rick Horne, Vancouver

It was a great race! I loved the course and had a fantastic day. Thank you to the organizers and all of the volunteers.

— Rebecca Ford, Vancouver

Great event for my first half, thank you very much!! Loved it!

— Karen Barron, Vancouver

Great volunteers! Lots of great food at the finish; it was obvious people took the time and money to prepare it all. Shuttle bus was great!

— Caramia, Port Moody

Start was too late. I was extremely rushed to get the 11:30 AM bus to make the 12:20 ferry. If the start had be 30 minutes ealrier I would have time to cheer other runners at the finish and enjoy the refreshments. Since the gear bag pick up takes a few minutes I ran out of time and went straight to the bus station.

— Everett Romain, Coquitlam

Organizers' comment: the schedule is designed for people to enjoy the awards and post race festivities, then catch the 2:30 ferry or later. Those who aim for the 12:20 ferry will always miss out on the 'extras'. The earlier start always ran the risk of ferry delays or full buses which would mean people would miss the start and that would be bad!

GREAT EVENT! We'll be back every year :) The kids run was fantastic as well.

— Tanis Frame, Roberts Creek

It would be nice to have a timing mat at the beginning. It was a great run again this year and the volunteers were so great at cheering us on. Thanks for organizing everything. I know it must be a LOT of work.

— Jan Manaton, Sechelt

It was my first half marathon and I had a great time!

— Angie, Port Moody

Thank you for a great race. The burritos were a great idea. Your 16k sign isn'T clear. It's the 2nd year in a row that I am confuse and think it says 18 instead of 16.

— Marilou Bourdages, Vancouver

Organizers' comments: We'll check that sign, thanks for the heads-up!

Excellent volunteers support! Great post-race reception. I only wish there were oranges to eat :) Can't wait until next year!

— Emily, Gibsons

Would prefer you switch back to 9am Start or maybe 9:15 am. A number of us want to catch 12:30 ferry and do not want to spend the entire day doing this race. I was last one on the 11:30 bus and had to run from finish to catch bus. We did get to ferry about 10 minutes early so the bus could slightly delay its departure as well. Didn't have any time for food, drink or draw prizes at Finish. Otherwise, great event.

— Bob Brough, North Vancouver

April Fools Half is one of the more challenging Half Marathon courses available in the Lower Mainland, but it's one of my favourites. The route is gorgeous, the volunteers are super helpful and the locals seem super supportive! Being in a smaller field of athletes makes for a much more enjoyable run.. more time to take it all in and less time spent worrying about tripping on another runner. The course offers basic aid station support, but lacks the crowds and fanfare of many of the larger events, I love that as it gives the event an 'at home' feeling. Thanks for providing such a well organized, safely run event!

Start time: The later start allowed more time to get organized and perform a proper warm-up prior to the race. I think moving it back 30mins was a great idea.

— Jocelynn Rooke, West Vancouver

Teresa and Larry — Another great, first class event. Great running weather,good friends to run with, great food at the finish, enthusiastic crowd to cheer people in. It doesn't get any better. Thanks again for all your hard work in the organization.

— Dave Bromley, Roberts Creek

fun run

— Gillian Cullen, West Vancouver

I didn't think I had it in me and I finished, although it was a little shameful when the gingerbread man passed me :)

— Sydney, Gibsons

It was very well run and everyone was friendly and the people that came out to volunteer were happy as well as the community people that cheered us on. Well done!!

— Janie Gibson, Langley

great community event! great volunteers!

— marie king, Sechelt

It was my first half marathon. I can only hope that all HM races are as well organized and friendly as this one!

— Guy Soulliere, Halfmoon Bay

Excellent organization - enjoyed the race/festivities

— Tim Hofmann, Gibsons

So great! From start to finish, an extremely well organized event that stands out as great in general as well as great because of the multitude of small details looked after. Would recommend it!

— Aaron Fuller, Gibsons

As part of a relay team, and having read the rules, i was disappointed to see that the team of girls with the lingerie/bridal group were allowed to cross the finish line as group, where none of the other teams did that. its clearly stated in the rules, with a big yellow triangle beside it, so it want hard to miss. i would have loved to run across the line with my team, but we didnt want to be disqualified for breaking the rules.

— No name given, Gibsons

Organizers' comment: Thank you for following the rules! Hopefully others will follow your example and pay more attention! Also note, that was actually 3 relay teams finishing together, that you saw.

Everything was so well organized. Congratulations to the organizers. I was delighted with my age-group prize. Really enjoyed the race and fun atmosphere.

— Angela Huxham, Bowen Island & Vancouver

My first ever marathon.. me and three other ladies that are training for the 10k sun run (my first ) did a relay and had a great time. thank you .. see you next year ..

— Jeannie Juillette, Gibsons

First half-marathon. Enjoyed it a lot and will do it again next year.

— Colin Lamb, Surrey

Great job on the race. Super well organized and generally awesome! It's my favorite race. My kids did the dash this year, my only suggestion would be to have the "stuff" for them in bags and give it to the parents when they sign in. It was a bit chaotic at the finish. But they loved it and were super proud!!!

— Tana Bullock, North Vancouver (but summer at Sakinaw Lake!!)

Organizers' comment: Excellent suggestion! Will do that!

There was very little support for those of us who finished at the end. The announcing had stopped, the guys handing out the medals could have cared less, the photographer was already gone. Yes some of us are slow but we would like the same support and encouragement.

— Jenny Scott, Vancouver

Organizers' comment: Sorry about the announcing, it was a technical glitch, the mic stopped working after the awards presentation!

This is a great race that is well organized. Highlights: easy day-of package pickup, good post-run food, nice beachside finish.

— laura, Vancouver

I expected a more scenic route

— Sandra, North Vancouver

A very "sweet" run, great course, not overly difficult but great challenge. The Roberts Creek section miles 5-10 is a beautiful, quiet, treed rural run with minimal traffic. The organization was superb, the volunteers very helpful and enthusiasticly supportive. I ran this race twice before in 1985 and 1998 but this was the best, especially the "new" route avoiding the gruelling Davis Bay hill at the end!!! Thanks!

— Brian Myhill-Jones, Sechelt

Great race again!!!! I'll definitely be back! One of the most fun racing experiences and I think I'll keep coming back :) Thanks for being so organized, so friendly, and for caring so much about making this a great event to run.

— Zahida Jaffer, North Vancouver

Best day so far thank you to all the staff and volunteers. Number five I think.

— k hamilton, Vancouver

Organisation was awesome, very well thought out. The food at the end was really great. Not enough cheering at the finishline to support the finishers. Having the bus to shuttle was really convenient.

— Debra, Sechelt

Great event. Friendly atmosphere and the post race setup was terrific. Great food selection

— Marion West, Sechelt

Nightingales you provide a tremendous service to this community. This highlite of the year entails such active participation (runners, walkers, volunteers, sponsurs, cheerers) — that it really creats community. THe April Fools Run is a big part of what makes our Coast a wonderful place to live — and play! Thank you!

— Adam Zanbilowicz, Halfmoon Bay

Great stations, appreciate all the volunteers.

2nd comment. I would have liked to see some ATM given to the walkers. There were no photos not even at the start of the race. So no memories for us except for friends/family shots. Since it was my 1st AFR I thought the organization and support was great. Kisses and kudos to all volunteers and businesses who donated all that food. Thank you to Team AFR.

— Carol Barlow, Gambier Island

Organizers' comments: Your race photos are mixed in with everyone else's in both photographer galleries; same goes for the finish line video which shows ALL finishers. And there is a start photo by Leo Lam: click here

A great race, not too big and well organized. It's great being able to use the facilities of the community centre at the start; the gear check works well as does the buses returning runners to the start.

— Oliver St Quintin, Richmond

Well organized, especially the transportation from ferry to ferry. Also appreciated the km markers and race crew support on course.

— No name given, Vancouver

First time running this Half. It is not the course that is HILLY, just that overall it is held in a small community with little people coming out to cheer. Gatorade was not mixed in right proportion and very diluted therefore not effective. Why the so called Best Costume was given to the most dreary brown thing? There was one runner in vibrant orange & yellow (from head to toes) outfit should have been on stage as he looked like sunshine on a gloomy day.

— Brian from BC

Organizers' comments: were there Hobbits cheering? The Gatorade was mixed right but when they started running short at one station, they tried to stretch it further. Will put more Gatorade at the stations next year instead of the finish (it was hardly touched!). The costume contest was determined by applause. All the entrants were great, it was close!

Fabulous race, incredible volunteers, great post race food! The shirts are very cool.

— No name given, Sechelt

This was very well organized and instructions were clear and easy to understand. I was so impressed with the finish line area with food set out, drinks and fast gear pick up. This was my first year and everyone was so positive and encouraging! Excellent website with regular updates - loved it for easy access to information. Thank you for an amazing event.

— Bernardine, Sechelt

More gatorade needed. don't shut down finish line until after last participant comes in, extremely demoralizing to see it come down when people are still out there

— Shawntel, Sechelt

Organizers' comment: the finish line remained open with stanchions and timing mats in place until the very last finisher, who was 30-40 minutes after the 2nd to last finisher.

Another year, another great event! Super well organized as usual, the food was outstanding. Can't wait for next year!

— Gordon Flett, Vancouver

Great Run, Really enjoyed it. Volunteers were great, all round great event! Will do it again next year

— Bonnie Beaman, Roberts Creek/Richmond

A personal thanks for another job well done. I thoroughly enjoyed all the training and the big day itself. It was a big change to run instead of a being a volunteer crew member. I was quite happy with my time, but plan to do better next year.

— David Thomas, Halfmoon Bay

Relay shuttles were a joke. Left early so I had to beg a bag check person for a ride. Then no bus at the relay point, my wife waited an hour for one. Don't offer it is you can't do it properly. And where was the scenic part of the course?

— Patrick, Vancouver

Organizers' comment: the relay shuttle did not leave early. Scheduled departure was 9am and it left at 9:04 (waited for a few stragglers). We never promised the timing would be right for every team to be picked up, as that would require many more buses. The buses ran according to the schedule posted on the website; it was up to each team to decide if that would work for their pace.

the route was absolutely beautiful

— anne-sophie wright, West Vancouver

The shuttle buses were very useful. The website was extremely helpful and organized. It was the best race website I've ever used.

— Chris Jacques, Vancouver

Great event .... lovely & boisterous hospitality, happy & costumed runners, peaceful & energizing setting. This one I totally recommend. Even if you aren't really into half marathons, give it a go (believe me, I speak from experience!).

— Juliette, Vancouver

Once again it was well organized. What great fun and thank you for the awesome food and drinks!!! Everything was great! I'll be back at it next year.

— Ms. Ulrike Herold, Gibsons

Nicely organized run, and delicious healthy food snacks afterwards.

— Eliz Hook, Gibsons

great experience, I'll do it again :-)

— Christina, Gibsons

Wanted to write and say the race was great - your website and finish line area were top notch - you keep outdoing ourself each year :) So thanks again and hope all went well on your side.

— Tanya Camposano, Roberts Creek

My 10th straight April Fools Run weekend is over. Not my fastest Fools Run. but 6 mins and 12 seconds faster than last year. I'm very happy with that. Many thanks to Teresa Nightingale, Larry Nightingale, and their great crew for all the work they did. See you all next year.

— Charles Mackey, Richmond

Everything was perfect!! Weather, course, volunteers, food at finish line, great coffee!! Thanks for a great run!! See you next year!

— Laurie Hilborn, Halfmoon Bay/Coquitlam

I enjoyed this race very much and was pleasantly surprised to run faster or as fast as the much easier Vancouver Scotiabank Half, UBC Fall Classic, and the First Half. Only unpleasant parts of the course — unavoidable I guess — were the main highway sections with convoys of pick-up trucks and SUVs belching out exhaust fumes just 1-2 metres away from me. My answer to question 6 would be to keep it at 9:30 am to reduce the stress about missing the start. I came over the day before mainly for that reason.

— Ben Seghers, Vancouver

Awesome course — I love the food at the end.

— Deb Carson, Roberts Creek

The race was great as always; food at end was fantastic and I was grateful to win a prize in my age group. Only disappointment was the timing and my friends who came in after me didn't even eat any food because they were rushing to catch the shuttle bus in the hopes that we might make it back in time to get the 12:20 ferry. We realized it wasn't possible because of the new start time; this might mean we won't come next year because it means giving up an entire day (and with busy work lives and families that's not always possible). My friend had to miss her daughter's tournament soccer game, and missed seeing the team win to make it into the gold game. I had to get home at 4:00 and try to whip together a birthday dinner for my husband and daughter even though I was exhausted, not only from the race but from such a long day and the pressure of trying to cram in housework at the end of it. Giving you all this detail to underline the impact. I love coming over for the Fools Run and the community spirit. I really hope you can switch the time back to 9:00 am next year. Thank you!

— Fiona Jackson, Vancouver

Organizers' comments (for anyone who has mentioned that 12:20 ferry): Relax, you're on Sunshine Coast time! The 12:20 ferry was never meant to be a viable option for most participants, even when we had a 9am start. For years, the first bus back used to leave at 11:00, which is the same time differential, and no one complained then... in fact that bus was usually just half full. Why is everyone suddenly in such a hurry to rush home these days? That's not the spirit of the Fool's Run at all. Here's the trick: don't plan a million things for race day. It's Sunday, after all. Relax and enjoy yourself, stay for the food and awards, take the 2:30 ferry and be home in plenty of time for dinner. Or better yet, bring your family with you for a mini-vacation, and have dinner together in Gibsons. Time to de-stress. Much healthier!
For us runners living here on the Sunshine Coast, we routinely get on the 6:20am ferry to go race, then get the 1:20 or 3:30 ferry home (usually the latter). So we just don't see a problem with coming over on the 7:20 and going back on the 2:30 — that's a short trip, especially for a half marathon!
That said, we are thinking a 9:17 start would be a nice compromise at both ends (still enough time before the start, then more time after to go to a pub/restaurant and then the 2:30 ferry). Why 9:17? Because no one will forget an oddball time like that! Perfect for an April Fool's Run! And it turns out to have an historical precedent: the very first Fool's Run started 17 minutes late at 9:17, because the co-founder Fran Berger slept in! (see the results history section)

Please get rid of the 9:30 start to allow us to catch the 12:20 ferry. Everyone was just sitting around waiting for the race to start, and this race ended up taking up the whole day because we had to wait for the 2:30 ferry. I love this race but will not do it again if it is a 09:30 start. The new start time was not well advertised.

— Melanie Basso, Vancouver

Organizers' comments: See notes above. And... not well advertised? Ha ha, very funny! I was going to write a very long list of the many places it was advertised, but then I realized you must be joking. Nearly had me there.

it was my first ever half. I loved it. Thanks to all the volunteers and coordinators.

— nicole mcrae, Squamish

I enjoyed the race - it was fun - will work out the logistics of the relay and provide own transportation - learning curve :)

— Jan Miettinen, Sechelt

The food was delicious, the massage was tops! Ian was great. He made a big difference to my day. I was disappointed that the announcer did not announce us finishing because the awards were being given out. I'd like the bibs to have the race logo on them. The t-shirts look awesome, they seem to be polyester and not technical, (based on sweat smell). I'm disappointed by poly but thrilled by the look. A tough course. Would like more community spirit at the end after running the entire race solo. Had tons of fun hitch-hiking home, easy sweet rides. Overall a momentous occasion for me. Enjoyed the Twitter chatter. Teresa does a great job. Liked the fool's guide to the race and the easter egg hunt.

— Elinor Warkentin, Vancouver

I was in the unfortunate position that I lost my wife Tuesday prior to the race. She was supposed to drive me from Sechelt to Gibsons to partake in the 8:30 start. Not until Saturday evening I was able to arrange transportation but the people who picked me up started their run at 9:30. Make a long story short, I walked 16K all by myself, some of the pilons were already taken away but the driver of the van replaced some so I knew where to go. At K16 I was accompanied by a female friend who was worried where I was and hitchhiked down the Highway until she saw me walking. Although I was not the last one in time wise, I did cross the finish line about an hour later due to the late start. I have no regrets, I did it at age 80. I was a proud and sad affair at the same time but I will do it again next year.

— William Endert, Sechelt

A great event. I liked the hot soup after the race, much better than bananas. The soup could have been a bit warmer, but still it was good. I did not like the loud music. Music is fine, but perhaps not quite so loud!! The organizers are to be congratulated.

— David Thomas, Halfmoon Bay

The April Fools is always such a great race to do, and its always very well organised. The personal touch shines through, which doesn't happen in the bigger races in Vancouver.... Its obvious that this is a team of enthousiastic and dedicated volunteers deserving of the highest praise. Thank you so much for organising this event!

— Walter Scott, Richmond

The race was fantastic! I really enjoyed the food at the end and post race festivities!!

— Meagan Green, North Vancouver

First timer and found it an excellent race well organized, very friendly, great food and bag shuttle, nice route but little hilly but nothing you can do (it is certainly better than having to run on the Highway all the way). For a first timer it would have been nice to have a profile to know what I was in for but my fellow runners kept warning me so that was OK.

— Greg Giles, Mission

Organizers' comments: elevation profile is on the Course Map & Description page.

Thanks Teresa & Larry for organizing another great Race! I understand it is alot of work and you do an amazing job, everything runs well, the volunteers are fantastic and of course the weather is always good in Paradise!

— Shaunna Asselstine, Gibsons

It was my 1st ever 1/2 marathon. I have run several 5 and 10 k runs. This was definitely the easiest check-in I have ever experienced. Thought the race was extremely well organized....looking forward to running in it again next year :)

— Patti Kleinsorge, Gibsons

I was overall very pleased with the race. It was well organized. Volunteers were friendly and helpful. I took the 7:20 ferry and found there was adequate time to arrive, check in etc. I would suggest starting it at 9 as I found sitting at the community centre the extra half hour unnecessary.

— Sabrina Gawley, Vancouver

This was my first time running the half-marathon. It was well organized and enjoyable. I would have preferred a 9AM start as the rush back to catch the 12:30 ferry after the race was tight.

— Al Somody, West Vancouver

Good organization. Thought the local businesses (restaurants etc) might have taken advantage of the event to welcome those runners who stayed overnight.

— Jeremy Hurn, Bowen Island

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well organized, thank you Nightingales. Great route and great finish in the park, food,etc.

— Loretta Burke (Cutting Edge Cruisers), Gibsons

Friendly volunteers, great organization...had a great run and plan to return next year.

— John French, Squamish

You've got some hills over there! This was a great event, great organization, lots of prizes & goodies for many, lots of great food, coffee didn't run out (to my knowledge) and a lot of great volunteers! The kids run was a nice highlight as well! My family had such a great time and were also rewarded with lots of goodies & prizes! I do hope a photographer captured some of this as our kids laughed the whole way around with me doing my best to keep up with my tired legs! A challenging course though a very nice event and your team did an amazing job. Thank you very much! I'll be back for more, I'd be a fool not to!

— Kris Duncan, Squamish

Organizers' comments: You'll be happy to know there's a great video of the kids' run and quite a few photos! See Results section.

Thank-you once again for such a great event! This is my second year in a row running this event and I'm sure next year will be my third! I felt as though this year was more organized then last. I got off the bus and with the help of the volunteers I knew exactly where to sign in and put my bag. The volunteers were great! I love the Sunshine Coast feel and the people were AWESOME! Not sure if it's possible, but would you be able to put a handful of portable potties outside for us in need of a nervous "nature" at the start line? I would prefer a 9:00am or 9:15 start as I felt rushed at the end as I had to catch the first ferry back and couldn't enjoy the event afterwards...maybe I just need to run faster! I will definately recommend this event to my friends and family once again. THANK-YOU!!!!

— Albert Choy, Coquitlam

Organizers' comments: That is a very good suggestion to have a portapotty near the start! We could do that!

I felt that some of the local merchants, coffee shops, restaurants, motels in Gibsons could have had welcoming signs, maybe a "runner's dinner" special the night before. I was somewhat surprised / disappointed that the community were not on board prior to the event, but maybe it's not a big enough event to warrant that?

— Sue Hurn, Bowen Island

Organizers' comments: normally we call the local restaurants to give them a heads up about race weekend, and many have offered pasta specials in the past — but this year unfortunately I was hit with a nasty flu 10 days before the race and a couple of non-essential things didn't get done. That was one of them.

Love the race. Epic course. Lots of fun.

— Mike Romaniuk, Port Coquitlam

Very fun race, as always! I love the finish location at Mission Point Park. The food at the end was great - specially the soup and the ginger cookies!

— Andrea Stinson, Gibsons

Very well organized race

— Dave Frilund, Port Coquitlam

Great great event with awesome volunteers out there on the course! And the eats at the end were wonderful! Loved the cookies & burritos! Good job!

— Patricia Wilson, Surrey

the race was really fun/hard. the volunteers were great! the food at the finish line was so amazing! burritos yes please!
My friend and i took the shuttle bus back, but the bus was full, so we had to wait another 20mins, for the next bus....wasn't that big of deal, was just cold, and wanted to get back to the hotel so we could shower and get on the ferry.

— colleen Gaudette, Coquitlam

Please thank your volunteers and staff for organizing and creating an uplifting event. Since the event I have worn my race shirt at work and out and about. The many compliments obviously convey that your graphic designer did an exceptional job. A repeat for next year and possibly long sleeve option would be great! Also by chance, did you have any jackets left over in size Xtra Small? If so, would it be possible for me to purchase one?

— Syd Sam, Burnaby


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