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Course Map & Description

Finish line in beautiful Mission Point Park!

  • Course Certification #: BC-2012-009-BDC
  • Every km clearly marked, as well as 1 mile, half-way and 400m to go
  • Marshals at every corner and major intersection
  • Course Restrictions: see Event Info page

Interactive course map and elevation profile from www.RunningAhead.com. You can view in miles or km, see map or satellite view, zoom in or out. Cool feature: move the cursor along the elevation profile and see where that is on the route, plus the distance and elevation data.

Click here for a printer-friendly version. (For area map see the Visitor Info page.)

Elevation Profile

Net drop is 142m, but there is enough uphill to keep you honest! Come prepared for hills… don't say we didn't warn you! If you're looking for a flat course, this ain't it.


Q4: What's the local name for the big downhill in the last 5km of the course? What's this?

Course Description

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The start is on Park Road about 300m north of the Community Centre. Proceed north on Park Road, which is flat for a very short bit, followed by a quick uphill to Reed Road. Turn left onto Reed Road and go for one flat block then turn left down Payne Road. Straight down Payne (stay on the RIGHT side here) and across the highway continuing down Pratt Road. Stay on the right side when going down Pratt (there's a wide shoulder).

Turn right on Chaster Road, still staying on the right side, then right again at King Road. Straight up the right side of King Road (flat to slight incline) to Fitchett. Right on Fitchett (starting to climb), then left onto Veterans (climbing more here and using left side). From this point on you will be on the left side facing traffic. Crest the hill on Veterans (aid station 1) and continue downhill to the highway, where you will turn left and head towards Roberts Creek. The first Relay exchange is at the end of Veterans.

Stay on the highway for less than a mile before turning left onto the very scenic and rural Lower Road (curves sharply to the right as soon as you leave the highway).

Down the big "cemetery hill" on Lower Road

Lower Road drops down a major 3-part hill (known to locals as Cemetery Hill) then runs approximately parallel to the Highway right into Roberts Creek. While cruising along the forested road, you may catch a glimpse of the unique metal sculptures of Axel Stenzel at his home studio, and a beautiful ravine garden, both on your right. Much of this stretch is flat or slightly downhill. The second relay exchange and aid station are near Joe Road, about the midpoint of Lower Road. This is near the halfway point.

Upon reaching the heart of Roberts Creek make a short LEFT turn onto Roberts Creek Road followed by a quick RIGHT onto Beach Avenue. Though you will be tempted, try not to stop for a bite at the funky Gumboot Garden Cafe or a snack at the Roberts Creek General Store. You can always come back and do this later! Wind gradually uphill past the beautiful beachfront properties, reaching the steepest portion at the S-curve. From here it's slightly downhill to Marlene Road, where you will find the third aid station. Then turn right and head uphill to the highway. This is the most challenging part of the course and you'll have to dig deep. The bottom of Marlene is fairly steep, then it climbs more gently up to meet the highway. The third relay exchange is near the bottom of Marlene.

Turn left on the highway and continue towards Sechelt, flat at first then uphill past the provincial campsite entrance. Now at last you can fly DOWN the nice big long hill. This hill is known to locals as 'Rat Portage Hill' for reasons unsure to us. Just after the downhill is complete you'll find the fourth aid station at Jack Road. A good place to hydrate before you start your final push to the finish line.

There's one last gentle incline before the final descent to the flats of Wilson Creek. Start to pick up the pace here as you're nearing the finish line — it's pancake flat to the end! Immediately after crossing the bridge over Chapman Creek, you'll be directed to take a sharp left into Mission Point Park. You'll be cautioned to watch for the bollard in the middle of the entrance. The last 50m or so is on short firm flat grass (used to be a driveway). Sprint!

View from Mission Point Park

Water and Gatorade, Portapotties, Gear Pickup, Awards & Draw Prize Pickup and Post-Race Food will be all be right there in the park beside the finish line. There are also indoor washrooms with change cubicles at the adjacent beach parking lot (about 150m beyond the finish area). Awards ceremony will also be held in the park.

Mission Point Park is connected by short walking paths to Davis Bay Beach, with picturesque views across Georgia Straight to Vancouver Island. The pier, hotels and restaurants are about 800m beyond the finish line, along the seaside promenade parallel to the highway.


Marlene Road hill