Archived News: 2007

Final Standings in the Lower Mainland Cross Country Series

(see for full results):

Women's 40-49:
2. Teresa Nightingale  117 points, 6 races (best 4 count)
5. Linda Willesen       80 points, 4 races

Women's 60-69:
1. Liz Dilasser        120 points, 4 races (perfect score)

CLUB COMPETITION           Points
1.  Semiahmoo SunRunners     1275
2.  Ocean Athletics           893
3.  Lions Gate RR             691
4.  Phoenix Athletics         632
5.  Sunshine Coast Athletics  554  WOW! not bad for our little club!
6.  Prairie Inn Harriers      429
7.  T-Birds                   398
8.  Hershey Harriers          355
9.  VFAC                      294
10. Kajaks                    283
11. NorWesters                232
12. Valley Royals             155
13. Pacific RR                140
...and more clubs, total 20

Seattle Marathon results

Better late than never: Results from Seattle Marathon, November 25, 2007: It was cold as usual, and the steep hills (up and down) were hard on the legs.

22.  Larry Nightingale   Halfmoon Bay   2:51:28  M40-44  2nd / 207
285. Rick Cooney         Sechelt        3:34:03  M45-49  32nd / 183

Results from the Peninsula Runners Watershed Ramble

December 9 in North Delta (7km). Six of us travelled and raced and had a great time! It was a bit cold and there was a dusting of snow, but the trails were really nice and the route scenic in Watershed Park. See race report on the Message Board.

Ov'll  Time   Name                 Cat.
16     29:31  Teresa Nightingale   F40-49 1/12 (2nd Female)
30     34:00  Charles Steemers     M50-59 7/13
40     37:33  Liz Dilasser         F60-69 1/1
48     40:35  Lexa Pomfret         F40-49 5/12
50     41:13  Susan Blair          F40-49 6/12
52     42:24  Linda Willesen       F40-49 8/12

Results from Gunner Shaw XC

December 1st (10km): It was cold and windy with snow falling but there was no puddle this year. We had a detour around a small patch of ice, and one or two steps in a small puddle later on the course. Thank goodness the race wasn't Sunday! Here are the club results. See longer race report on the Message Board.

Ov'll  Time   Name                Cat.
32     41:41  Teresa Nightingale  F40 1st (3rd Female)
74     53:00  Liz Dilasser        F60 1st
94     65:43  Susan Blair         F45 3rd
95     65:43  Linda Willesen      F45 4th

Gunner Shaw Photos by Linda Wong

Results from the Fall Classic 10k and Half Marathon (Nov 18)

Liz Teresa

The day was perfect for racing with sunshine, no wind, temp 7–9°C. Way better than last year! The new course was an improvement with less uphill at the finish than previous years. (Also see race report on the Message Board.) A total of 21 Sunshine Coasters participated; here are the results from club and past clinic members: (Liz and Teresa both won gift certificates for $130 towards New Balance shoes for being first in their age divisions — time to go shopping at Rackets & Runners!) See Nov 23rd Coast Reporter for more local results. Photos here are by SiPhotography.

Name                Gun Time  Chip Time   Category place
Teresa NIGHTINGALE     39:40      39:37     1st F40-49 (3rd Female overall)
Liz DILASSER           51:47      50:30     1st F60-69
Linda WILLESEN       1:00:09      58:52    70th F40-49

Half Marathon:
Dave BROMLEY         2:07:15    2:06:23    61st M50-59
Norma BOND           2:32:55    2:31:14     8th F60-69

Fall Tune-Up (Nov 10)

Liz Dilasser, photo by Ian Jacques, Coast Reporter

Thanks to the runners and all the great volunteers who came out to help at the Sechelt Fall Tune-Up Cross Country races! Results are posted at; photos by Ian Jacques (Coast Reporter) are now up as well!

Results from James Cunningham Seawall Race (Oct 28)

5.9mi in Stanley Park

15th  M50-54   45:21  Chuck Steemers
28th  M45-49   48:24  Geoff Bevan
3rd   M70+     55:11  Frank McKenna
29th  F45-49 1:00:35  Linda Willesen
28th  M55-59 1:04:22  Peter Corbett

Results from BC Cross Country Championships (Oct 27)

Alex Nightingale racing

Victoria, Oct 27: Conditions were great — partly sunny, cool, light wind. Course was all grass fields, ~2k loop course with 3 hills. Alex was in the race with 11 and 12 year old boys and girls, as the races go by year of birth and he turns 11 at the very end of the year… so he was one of the smallest kids in the field. He paced himself very well, starting at the very back of the pack (in fact, about 20 metres behind the group in the initial sprint) then gradually started passing kids, one by one, picking up speed, changing gears going into the second loop, and finishing with a strong kick with other kids all around him. He had passed 10 kids by the time he finished.

Larry Nightingale racing

In the masters races, both Larry and Teresa had strong races to earn matching silver BC Championship medals.

Boys 11 years 2km
6.   7:50  Alex Nightingale
Girls 14 years 4km
5.  15:56  Jessica Marquis

*Jessica placed 3rd in the Lower Mainland JD Cross Country Series, in her age division, just 2 points ahead of the next competitor.

Masters Women 6km
2.  22:39  Teresa Nightingale
Masters Men 8km
2.  26:29  Larry Nightingale

Results from Crescent Park Cross Country (Oct 20)

In White Rock (also see race report on the Message Board under Race Results):

Ov'll  Female Pl.  Name                Time   Cat.   Cat.Pl.
17         2       Teresa Nightingale  33:54  F4049    1
36         6       Liz Dilasser        41:51  F6069    1
51        14       Linda Willesen      49:26  F4049    4

Results from Youth Against Violence Awareness Run (Oct 14)

Club and past clinic member results from Youth Against Violence Awareness Run 8.5k, Garden Bay: (All you folks who stayed home missed a beautiful run with very pleasant weather!)

 1.   30:38 Larry Nightingale              Halfmoon Bay
 2.   37:36 Teresa Nightingale             Halfmoon Bay
 3.   38:50 Jessica Marquis                Davis Bay
 5.   40:12 Chuck Steemers                 Halfmoon Bay
 8.   59:23 Peter Corbett                  Gibsons
 8=.  59:23 Hugh Monroe                    Sechelt
 For full results and photos see the race webpage

Results from Frank Reynolds Memorial XC (Oct 13)

The Frank Reynolds Memorial XC was really fun, a warm sunny day in North Vancouver, waterfront view for 3/4 of the course. Teresa, Liz and Linda all raced 6.3k, Jessica Marquis (soon to be a club member) ran the 4.2k event for her age group — here are the results:

6.3km Open/Masters Women:
26:30 Teresa Nightingale 2nd F4044
32:07 Liz Dilasser       1st F6064
40:34 Linda Willesen     2nd F4549

4.2km Junior Development:
17:34 Jessica Marquis    2nd F14

Results from Oct 9-10 weekend

Club and past clinic member results from Royal Victoria Marathon, Kelowna Marathon, and Turkey Trot 10k on the October 9-10 weekend: Congratulations everyone! (note: official gun times are shown here)

Royal Victoria Marathon:
Carl Green, Gibsons 3:37:03
Paul Wright, Sechelt 3:37:03
Rick Cooney, Sechelt 3:47:22
Marisa Alps, Halfmoon Bay 4:01:01

Kelowna Marathon:
Andrew Hansen, Sechelt 3:34:29

Turkey Trot 10k:
46:10 Charles Steemers 9/87 M5059 Halfmoon Bay
52:13 Liz Dilasser 1/17 F6069 Sechelt
55:45 Susan Blair 53/259 F4049 Sechelt
1:03:30 Linda Willesen 147/259 F4049 Roberts Creek
1:03:35 Edith Troup 149/259 F4049 Sechelt

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon (Sep 30)

Teresa ran 1:29:52 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon to place 8th in the Women's 40-44 division. Conditions were perfect, no wind, 14°C at the start and 17°C for the remainder of the race. It was an exciting day: the 31-year old record for fastest marathon on Canadian soil was broken by 25 seconds (2:09:30), and a new Guiness World Record was set by a Canadian for fastest marathon juggling 3 objects (2:50:13!). Visit the website for full results, photos and video clips.

Results from Pinetree Classic Cross Country (Sep 22)

Teresa ran with the Open/Collegiate Women instead of the Masters race (given wrong instructions, volunteers thought all women were running together!) but her time (18:55 for ~5k) has been integrated into the masters results as 2nd woman and 2nd in F4044. New member Jamie Eilers ran in the very competitive 8k open men's race and recorded 38:00. The weather was perfect, sunny and cool, and the course was in great condition. Full results here.

Results from Squamish Days 10k (Aug 5)

Larry Nightingale was 3rd in the M40-44 division. In the 'Flashback Mile', Alex Nightingale set a new personal best of 6:35 and placed 3rd in the boys 9-14 division, only 5 seconds behind first place!

Results from Sea Cavalcade Mile (Jul 28)

Results are posted here. This was our biggest turnout yet, with 32 entrants/finishers. Many big thanks to the club members and others who came out to help: Karen Cawsey and friend, Carl Green, Elisa Jardine, Peter Corbett, Norma Bond, Martin Prestage. Photos from the race are posted at

Report from Halfmoon Bay Trophy Run (Jul 15)

The Halfmoon Bay Trophy Run at the Country Fair was run under nice conditions, cloudy and somewhat cool. Larry was first overall in about 18:30, Teresa was first woman and 3rd overall in 22:00... We're still waiting for Sally Benner to send us all the results to post here. Distance was 5.4km.

Results from Sechelt Canada Day Mile (Jul 1)

Click here to see results and photos. It was a perfect day for racing, sunny and not hot. Big thanks to club member Rick Cooney for helping! We sure could've used a couple more volunteers though, hint hint! Liz Dilasser and Larry N. were racing and helping/organizing as well.

Results from Scotiabank Half & 5k (Jun 24)

We came, we ran, we got soaked. The rain started about 40-45 minutes after the 7am start. First it was a pleasantly cool drizzle, but soon became a steady rain (with a bit of wind at Jericho Beach), which finally turned into a Vancouver deluge — solid water coming out of the sky. Just when we thought it couldn't possibly rain any harder, it did. The Molson Brewery thermometer was reading 10°C as we approached the Burrard Bridge. Could have been February... still, better for running than the heat wave of 2006. We kept splashing our way through the puddles and rivers to Stanley Park, grabbed our gear and got on the buses as soon as possible. By 9:30 back at UBC it was sunny there! And by 11:15 when we drove back along the course through Stanley Park on the way to the ferry, you'd never know it had ever rained that day. Sunny, warm, not a puddle or damp blade of grass to be found. Did we dream it all?!!!

Here are the results (net chip times shown here):

Rick Cooney         1:32:43  15th M45-49
Teresa Nightingale  1:36:31   6th W40-44
Denise Dunn         1:51:09  18th W50-54
Linda Willesen      2:08:51 120th W45-49 (with a bad knee!)

Liz Dilasser        fun run, no times recorded

Results from SCA club run (Jun 16)

(5km in Halfmoon Bay): Thanks to Shaun, Pat and Edith for making this more than just a family run! We all had great fun watching the movie "Meatballs" after dinner. (Yes it's a running movie!) Let's see MORE people out next time!

1. Larry Nightingale     17:52
2. Shaun Stephens-Whale  18:35
3. Teresa Nightingale    21:40
4. Pat Dickie            24:58
5. Edith Troup           30:43