Club Membership

VOLUNTEER for free entry: Club members, if you volunteer for 1 or more club hosted events in a given year, you will get free entry into one of the other club hosted events! Your next opportunity will be the Resolution Run on January 1st.

2013 membership renewals will be due Dec 31/12

Look up your BCA # or check your membership status

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Download the club membership form (PDF, 150 KB)
Fill out and submit to Teresa or Larry with payment, or mail in. Cheque payable to Sunshine Coast Athletics.

First time BC Athletics members, join after August 31 and your membership is good until the end of next year (4 months free!).

Download the full club brochure (PDF, 1.1 MB).

The only requirement for club members is to be a BC Athletics member. The yearly cost for this, including HST, is $44.80 for Road & Trail (age 20+) membership (suitable for most adults). Junior Road & Trail (age 18-19) is $39.20. You will get $3 off the entry fee for all sanctioned events (all SCA hosted events are sanctioned).

Other competitive memberships are: Junior Development (age 9-13) $60; Midget 14 yrs $60.00; Midget 15 yrs $67.20; Youth (16-17) $89.60; Junior (18-19) $89.60; Senior (age 20+) $89.60; and "Masters" (35+) $56.00.

Note for 2012 the Masters fee has increased by $10 due to forced membership with Canadian Masters Athletics Association (with no actual benefits to us here in BC) so unless you plan to compete for provincial awards or get on a BC team, choose the Road & Trail membership and save yourself $10. If you do hope to get on a BC Team, take out a Senior membership because the Masters age has just been changed back down to 35+ which makes the category meaningless (many races are won overall by 35-39 year olds).

$15 annual club fee is added to the BCA membership fees (gotta have party funds!).

If you don't plan to enter any races, only train with us, then you can pay $16.80 for a 'Training' membership with BCA (age 9+), plus the $15 club dues. This does NOT provide the $3 discount in sanctioned events. Family members who don't run but want to be part of the club can get a Friends of BC Athletics membership for $16.80. There is also a Track Rascals membership for age 6-8, for $15. See for more details.


Club Clothing


We have our new club singlets. These are custom designed, sublimated tech singlets from the same company that makes our Fools Run garments. Men's and Women's styles available in XS to XXL. The snazzy new design is by club member and graphic artist Roger Handling.

Our cost is $37 per singlet (including HST) but the club will subsidize a bit of that so YOUR COST is $35. There won't be another order for at least a year, probably, unless at least 10 more are requested. We have ordered a few extras in the most common sizes, for new members or procrastinators.


If you really like your April Fool's Run or Rat Race Tech Sox™ running socks, you can order more online at any time from (without the logos). These are fantastic socks, the best we've ever worn. Antimicrobial (don't get stinky!), breathable, seamless toes, padded in the right places, custom left and right fit, quick-dry after washing, long-wearing. $11.95 per pair.